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Community: Risk Watch
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Risk Watch
Prevention begins with education. Lake Stevens Fire is dedicated to providing the best education to help you prevent emergencies and injuries.

For children ages 14 and under, the number-one health risk isn't drugs or disease: it's injuries.

Since 1999, Lake Stevens Fire has been in Lake Stevens elementary schools teaching Risk Watch, an injury prevention program that focuses on the leading causes of unintentional and preventable injuries in children. Since 1999, Lake Stevens Fire has formed a coalition with Lake Stevens Police Department to bring in “subject experts” to help teach different topics each month. Analyses show that Risk Watch students consistently outperform comparison students in the area of injury prevention.

Areas of Focus:

October: Fire Safety with Lake Stevens Fire
November: Choking, Strangulations & Suffocation Prevention with Lake Stevens Fire
December: Firearms Safety with Lake Stevens Police
January: Falls Prevention with Lake Stevens Fire
February: Poisons Prevention with Lake Stevens Fire
March: Motor Vehicle Safety with Lake Stevens Fire & Lake Stevens Police
April: Bike & Pedestrian Safety with Lake Stevens Fire & Lake Stevens Police
May: Water Safety with Lake Stevens Fire & Lake Stevens Police

Participating Schools:

Skyline Elementary School
Sunnycrest Elementary School
Highland Elementary School
Hillcrest Elementary School
Glenwood Elementary School
Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School
Zion Lutheran Elementary School
Machias Elementary School

Currently Lake Stevens has over 95 classes using the Risk Watch program and we are continually working with the schools to bring more teachers on board. If you’d like to include Risk Watch in your classroom curriculum, please contact our Assistant Fire Marshal Office at 425.212.3062.

Champion Update
In March of 1999, the Lake Stevens Community and Lake Stevens Fire were chosen by the National Fire Protection Association as one of twenty sites in North America as a "Champion" site for the implementation of the Risk Watch curriculum in its schools. The "Champion" award required that classes using the curriculum complete all of the focuses by January 2000. It also required pre and post testing and evaluations to be performed. As a result of testing, 648 students showed an average knowledge gain of 11%. Our hat goes off to our teachers for a job well done!

In March 2000, the State of Washington was chosen as a "Champion" state for Risk Watch. During the year 2000, there were five community sites throughout the state that implemented the program. Projections were in place for ten sites in the year 2001 and ten sites in the year 2002. Lake Stevens Fire is a mentor for the new communities implementing Risk Watch for the State Of Washington.

Start Safe
Lake Stevens Fire provides visits to preschools and daycares where the Start Safe Program is used to teach children basic fire safety. This program is geared towards 3-6 year olds. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of home fire and burn injuries to preschool children. Through this program, Lake Stevens Fire teaches children the following:

  • Learn to identify what is hot and stay away

  • Learn to call a grownup for help when they see something unsafe

  • Learn to help their families make a home escape map and practice family fire drills

  • Learn to recognize the sound of a smoke alarm and to go outside to their family meeting place when they hear it

To schedule a presentation and fire truck visit at your preschool or daycare, please contact our Assistant Fire Marshal Office at 425.212.3062.



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