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Learn more about how Lake Stevens Fire grew to its current state.


View Historical Timeline (9K PDF)


View Historical Narrative (38k PDF)


Lake Stevens Fire provides Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Rescue to an estimated 34,644 citizens in approximately 41.8 square miles of land and water.  Lake Stevens Fire boundaries include Ebey Island north of the trestle and east to approximately 195th Ave towards Lake Roesiger.  Lake Stevens Fire also extends north to Lake Cassidy and south to the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 9.

Lake Stevens Fire has 3 stations located strategically throughout its boundaries.  Station 81 is located in downtown Lake Stevens area, Station 82 is located in the Frontier Village area and Station 83 is located in the Machias area.  Stations 81 & 82 are primary stations that cover 89% of all emergency alarms received each year.  Station 83 is considered a secondary station and is equipped with apparatus and equipment similar to the two primary stations.  Click below for a map of each.

Lake Stevens Fire and
Lake Stevens are
located a few miles
east of Everett.
(Approx. 30 miles
North of Seattle)

Map indicates the
locations of Station
81, 82 and 83

An aerial view of
Lake Stevens Fire
and Lake Stevens.

Lake Stevens Fire
Coverage Area

In 2009 Lake Stevens Fire responded to over 4,300 incidents.  The majority of our calls were classified as medical calls.


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